Electric Type Pokemon Locations

Electric Type Pokemon Locations

electric types In Pokemon GO:
pikachu, raichu, magnemite, magneton, voltorb, electrode, electabuzz, jolteon, pichu, mareep, flaaffy, ampharos, elekid, chinchou, lanturn, electrike, Manetric, Plusle, Minun,

Confirmed Locations For electric types:
College Campuses, Industrial Parks, Railways, Residential Areas, Schools, Shopping Areas, Universities

weather Boost For electric types:
Rainy weather

Best Places To Find electric types:
Shopping Areas - Have the best Electric Type spawn Rates.
Universities & College Campuses - Higher than usual Electric Type Spawn Rate.
Cities - Dry cities with a lot of concrete also have good rates.
Railways - Suprisingly, these locations also spawn electric types.

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