Egg Hatching Secrets

eggs, more than ever before in the Pokemon Series, are essential in Pokemon GO. If you want to ever have a chance at completing the pokedex and reaching Level 40, you have to become a master at hatching eggs. And this starts by visiting as many PokeStops as you possibly can. This is the only way to obtain Eggs, so you need to make it a priority to visit them as many times as you can, at least when you do not have many Eggs in your inventory.

After having a good number of eggs, or even the maximum of nine of them, the best way to hatching them is by putting them all into incubation at the same time. Yes, this does mean you will have to buy more incubators from the store either by using the pokecoins you gained from gyms or by purchasing them with real world money, but it is the most effective way for hatching as many eggs as possible.

From there, it is simple: walk, walk and walk some more. You may even be able to ride a bike or skateboard to speed up the process, but just make sure you are not going too fast so the app can track the full distance you travel. And do not forget to keep track of them, because you can also seriously cash in on xp if you use a Lucky egg right before all of them hatch!

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