Earning XP (Experience)

In order to grow as a trainer in Pokemon GO and soar into the upper echelons of Trainer Levels, a player must earn Experience (XP) in order to do that very thing. Within gameplay, there are a number of different avenues of earning XP. The easiest way is by Capturing Pokemon, earning you a base amount of XP for the capture, plus additional XP for how well you throw the PokeBall and if you can catch it with your first throw. Players can also earn XP from PokeStops, as well as from hatching Eggs. With the Daily Bonus Update, players can earn streaks with Catching Pokemon and visiting PokeStops to rack up tons of Stardust and XP.

Capturing Bonuses:
catching A Pokemon - 100 xp
Nice Throw Capture - 10 xp
Curveball Throw Capture - 10 XP
Great Throw Capture - 100 xp
Excellent Throw Capture - 100 xp
Wild Pokemon Runs - 25 xp
First Throw Bonus - 50 xp
Catch 100 Pokemon of a Given Species - 100 XP
Daily Capture Bonus - 500 xp
7-Day Streak Capture Bonus - 2000 xp

hatching Bonuses:
2km egg - 200 xp
5km egg - 500 xp
10km egg - 1000 xp

Miscellaneous Bonuses:
Defeat Pokemon Training A gym - 10 xp
Defeat Pokemon Battling A gym - 100 xp
Defeat All Pokemon Battling A gym - 50 xp
Defeat Raid Battle - 3000+ xp
PokeStops - 50 XP (Less Than Six Items) OR 100 XP (Six or More Items)
Daily PokeStops Bonus - 500 XP
7-Day Streak PokeStops Bonus - 2000 XP
evolve Pokemon - 500 xp
Register New Pokemon In pokedex - 500 xp
Lucky egg - Doubles All Experience Earned Over A 30-Minute Time Span

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