Defender Bonus

With the new Motivation Gym System in place within Pokemon GO, the Gym Defender Bonus has also changed dramatically. Originally, the Defender Bonus was based upon how many Pokemon you had Pokemon Gyms, being able to claim 10 PokeCoins for each Pokemon at a Gym for up to 100 PokeCoins per day for their Defender Bonus (10 Pokemon Gyms claimed). After twenty-four hours, players could then claim their Defender Bonus again.

Now, the defender Bonus revolves around how long your Pokemon Defends a Gym. For every ten minutes just one of your Pokemon defends a Gym, you will receive one PokeCoin after they no longer are defending the Gym. Unfortunately, the maximum number of PokeCoins you can now earn from the Defender Bonus on a daily basis has been reduced to 50 PokeCoins. However, because it has been lower and the new parameters are set, you only need one of your Pokemon at a Pokemon Gym for roughly seven hours each day to earn the maximum Defenders Bonus (you can even leave numerous Pokemon at various Gyms in order to reach this maximum quicker each day).

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