Catching Pokemon

If you have an desire at being successful in Pokemon GO, you're going to have to learn the way of catching Pokemon. We've already discussed how to find Pokemon, but that's only step one. The real test doesn't come until you're in battle with said Wild Pokemon and trying to catch it.

A player can know just how difficult a Pokemon is by looking at their Combat Level, as well as the rings that sensor around a Pokemon when you click on the PokeBall they're about to throw. A Green Ring means the Pokemon will be a relatively easy capture, a Yellow Ring means it will have a more moderate difficulty, an Orange Ring means it will be a difficult capture, and a Red Ring means it will be an extremely difficult capture. The darker the ring, the better PokeBall (and Razz Berries) should be used.

After each capture, a player will earn 100 Stardust and a given amount of Pokemon Candy based upon the Stage of Evolution the Pokemon is. After the 2nd Generation Update, a player will get 3 Pokemon Candy for a 1st Stage Evolution Caught (Ex. Bulbasaur), 5 Pokemon Candy for a 2nd Stage Evolution Caught (Ex. Ivysaur), and 10 Pokemon Candy for a 3rd Stage Evolution (Ex. Venusaur). Pinap Berries can further be used to increase the Candy earned from a Pokemon Capture.

Players will also earn 100 xp (Experience) for each Pokemon they catch, as well as any extra XP based on number of other factors, primarily how well a player threw the Pokeball and how many they used. With the Daily Bonus Update, if a player captures a Pokemon every day, they will earn an extra 500 XP and 600 Stardust for the first Pokemon they catch. If they do this for one week in a row, they will get an extra 2,000 XP and 2,400 Stardust on the seventh day (your streak will then reset the following day).

But a trainer must quickly learn the way of throwing pokeballs, or else they will soon find themselves short of PokeBalls and in a bind. Turning AR Sensory off makes catching easier, as well as waiting for the perfect time to throw when a Pokemon isn't dodging or in its fighting stance. Investigations have shown that you have a much better chance at catching a Pokemon if you spin your PokeBall and wait to throw it until the circle around the Pokemon is as small as possible. Sometimes, a Pokemon will even be caught after just one Pokeball Shake, a guarantee capture of random occurrence known as a Critical Catch.

Yet even with these tricks, a number of trainers still have difficulty throwing PokeBalls. A shaky hand or an over- or under-throw could be the slight difference it takes to completely miss the Pokemon. Throwing too hard or too long, as well as shaking the ball, can cause it to curve like crazy. Some players have such a difficulty throwing straight that they even purchase an item created that is called the PokeBall Aimer (found online for a couple of dollars, though usually out of stock because it is in such high demand).

But if a player can learn how to take their time and throw with accuracy, as well as following the tips and tricks above, they will easily be able to catch any Pokemon in sight. Oh, and they'll earn a whole lot of xp in the process too!

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