Best 3rd Generation Pokemon

When it comes to the best of the best Pokemon from the 3rd generation of the hoenn region, there are really only four Pokemon that stand apart from the rest. Of course, this number doesn't include the likes of legendary and Mythical Pokemon because, let's face it, they are extremely overpowered in more ways than one. These four Pokemon have a great combination of both Attack, Defense and Stamina, and thus have an incredibly high combat power Levels. If you're looking for the best Non-legendary pokemon from the 3rd Generation, these four Pokemon are it!

best 3rd generation pokemon
#1) slaking (5441 Max combat power Level)
#2) metagross (3637 Max combat power Level)
#3) salamence (3532 Max combat power Level)
#4) aggron (3004 Max combat power Level)

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