Aron Also Abuses The Buddy System

Much like how magikarp and gyarados have the ability to abuse the buddy System, so can aron and its evolution Chain. To start, Aron can eventually evolves into Aggron. If you are not aware, Aggron is one of the few 3rd Generation Pokemon in Pokemon GO that can eclipse 3000 Combat Power should it have maximum stats. Not only is that one of the best for the 3rd Generation, but it is one of the highest in the entire game!

But the greatest ability of aron does not just rely solely upon its final evolution, but rather its niche in the buddy System. Just like magikarp and gyarados, Aron (as well as its evolutions of lairon and aggron) only needs to be walked 1km as your Buddy Pokemon to receive each new Aron Candy. Suddenly, the 120 Candy needed to evolve into Aggron seems like nothing at all!

But it does not stop there! After earning enough Candy to evolve into aggron through the buddy System, Wild Encounters, eggs and rare Candies (obtained from raid battles), Aggron still only needs to be walked 1km per Candy as your Buddy Pokemon (because of aron). So not only does the buddy system help players evolve their Aron into Aggron, but they can also easily maximize the combat power of their newly acquired Aggron by walking just a little further with them as their Buddy Pokémon.

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