Are Micro-Events The Future Of Pokemon GO?

12th May 2017 | Warrior13

It has been a few days now since the worldwide weekend "Bloom" Grass Event ended in Pokemon GO - the first ever Micro-Event of such for the smash mobile game - and it has many players in the Pokemon GO community buzzing about whether or not this is a small piece of the future of Pokemon GO. To remind those of the recently ended event: it was a three-day promotion that saw Grass Pokemon spawning like no tomorrow.

Though whether or not these Micro-events will continue from now on is still up in the air, many players are hoping this comes into fruition with either biweekly or monthly micro events. There are thousands upon thousands of GO players that are still looking to complete their pokedex, mainly because certain Pokemon won't spawn in certain biomes and eggs are too inconsistent to count on. However, if niantic runs a Micro Event monthly between all the major Holiday Events and continues to have given types spawn like madness, this would handle the complaints they receive about this given issue, as well as not enough events occurring to keep people playing.

But niantic could even take things a step further. Instead of keeping these Micro events specifically to given types appearing more often, Niantic could go beyond this and have a given weekend event with Double XP and another one that gives Double Pokemon Candy. They could even have a Micro Event that increases the drop rate for Evolution Items, or one that sees the elusive Unown appear more often, or even one that sees players being able to purchase Evolution Items in the shop for three-days only. The possibilities would be endless for what Niantic could do, and it could be a small niche that keeps GO players coming back for more.

As for now, however, there is still no word whether niantic will be smart enough to continue this recent trend. As mentioned, only positives can be seen for doing such a thing. But what do you think? Do you think Niantic should keep with Micro Events? Or do you think they should stick solely to Holiday Events only? If you are in favor of Micro Events, what would you like to see happen with one? Make sure to comment in the space provided below and tell us of all your feelings and ideas!

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