AR+ For Apple Users

AR+ (Augmented Reality plus) is one of the newer features introduced to Pokemon GO; however, this feature can only be accessed by Apple Users on the iPhone X, as well as on iOS 11 Software on iPhone 6S and above. With AR+, the Augmented Reality portion of Pokemon GO takes on a much greater aspect while in a Wild Pokemon Encounter. With it, Pokemon will now be more in tune with the real world proper scale, also having awareness to your presence and their given surroundings.

With AR+, each Wild Pokemon will now have an Awareness Meter. If this meter becomes filled completely, the Pokemon you are trying to catch will flee. However, if it does, you can actually tap on nearby grasses in hopes of it reappearing. While trying to catch a Pokemon with AR+, you will need to slowly approach it so in order for it not to flee. You can also take photos of Pokemon from all different angles using AR+! Should you be able to capture Pokemon within great proximity of yourself, you will even get a special Expert Handler Bonus that will increase the Experience and Stardust you earn for each Pokemon Capture.

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