Always Do Mass Evolutions

Another wise thing you can do in Pokemon GO is what is known as Mass Evolutions. This is where you save as much Pokemon Candy as you possibly can, primarily for Pokemon that don\'t require all that much Candy in order to evolve. As you do this, you save the appropriate number of Pokemon in correlation to the Candy you earn, just enough to evolve said Pokemon. After saving enough Candy to evolve 50-100 Pokemon at one time, you should evolve all of them consecutively while running a Lucky Egg. When you do this, you will earn 1000 XP per evolve, more if it is a new Pokedex Entry!

To earn even more xp, you should always do a mass evolution Spree at the beginning of the day on the seventh day of your daily bonuses Streak. This will allow you to catch one Pokemon and spin one pokestop while evolving all of these Pokemon, allowing you to double the already huge amount of XP you gain from your Daily Bonuses Streak!

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