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Another first of Pokemon GO is the added necessity of signing into either a Google Account or a Pokemon Trainers Club Account. If you've been a player of Pokemon since the early-on years, you may be a little taken back with a feeling of uneasiness by this verification step. But since you aren't allowed to access the game unless you sign in with either one of these type of accounts, you really have no choice otherwise.

However, this perceived hassle is actually a plus, as it allows for an unlimited amount of accounts to be had on just one phone. All you really have to do is simply sign out and sign back in using another form of account (either on Google or the Pokemon Trainers Club). This allows friends to share a phone when on the go or on a shortage of battery power, for siblings under the same set of circumstances with their own phone or a parent's phone, or even for two people to catch a rare Pokemon in that vicinity with only one phone to operate.

Players can create a Google Account by accessing none other than Google - if they don't already have one - or a Pokemon Trainers Club Account on the Pokemon Website.

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