3rd Generation Pokemon Found Within Pokemon GO Coding

27th Aug 2017 | Warrior13

Pokemon GO is having one heck of year so far with the release of the 2nd Generation, Shiny Pokemon, Raid Battles and Legendary Pokemon. And as of just recently, it was now discovered that the 3rd Generation Pokemon have begun being coded within the popular mobile game. With the news and the fact that 2nd Generation came to Pokemon GO roughly 7-8 months after the 1st Generation, it is clear that the 3rd generation will be here quicker than not, most likely before the end of the year comes. And since the 3rd Generation was and still is one of the more popular Generations of Pokemon ever released, you can bet Pokemon GO hysterical fever will once again sweep across the world once this ultimately happens!

Are you ready for the 3rd generation of the hoenn region to come to Pokemon GO?!

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