3rd Generation Pokemon Evolutions

As like all Pokemon Games, most Pokemon have the ability to evolve into a 2nd Stage and/or 3rd Stage evolution. These Pokemon are usually stronger than their Pre-evolutions, and this is same in Pokemon GO as they usually have a much higher Maximum combat power Level. Unlike the Mainstream Pokemon Games, Pokemon in Pokemon GO evolve by using a certain amount of Candies (obtained via Captures, eggs, rare Candies, and the buddy System) to do so. Some Pokemon even require a Special Item, an Evolutionary Item on top of Pokemon Candy in order to evolve.

3rd generation Pokemon evolution Methods
12 Candies Required For evolution:
wurmple, whismur

25 Candies Required For evolution:
treecko, torchic, mudkip, lotad, seedot, ralts, slakoth, azurill, aron, trapinch, spheal, Bagon, Beldum

50 Candies Required For evolution:
poochyena, zigzagoon, silcoon, cascoon, taillow, wingull, surskit, shroomish, nincada, makuhita, skitty, meditite, electrike, gulpin, Carvaha, numel, spoink, cacnea, barboach, corphish, baltoy, lileep, anorith, shuppet, duskull, wynaut, snorunt, clamperl (Deepseatooth, Deepseascale)

100 Candies Required For evolution:
grovyle, combusken, marshtomp, lombre, nuzleaf, kirlia, vigoroth, loudred,lairon, vibrava, feebas (20km buddy Distance), sealeo, shelgon, metang

400 Candies Required For evolution:
wailmer, swablu

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