2nd Generation Buddy Pokemon

The buddy System was one of the features added to Pokemon GO that wasn\'t originally ever suppose to be. niantic, the developers of the hit mobile game, listened to feedback from players, later designing this concept so players could earn candy for a Pokemon that they had only caught once. This would then allow a player, after walking enough, to fully evolve this rare-to-area Pokemon. Because of the buddy system, if you\'ve at least caught the 1st Stage evolution of a Pokemon Chain, you essentially have a way to catch them all apart of that given Pokemon Chain.

2nd Generation Pokemon Buddy Distance Rewards
2nd Generation Pokemon - 1km Per Candy Buddy Reward:
sentret, furret, hoothoot, noctowl, ledyba, ledian, Spinark, ariados, crobat, pichu, cleffa, igglybuff, bellossom, slugma, magcargo, remoraid, octillery

2nd Generation Pokemon - 3km Per Candy Buddy Reward:
chikorita, bayleef, meganium, cyndaquil, quilava, typhlosion, totodile, croconaw, feraligatr, chinchou, lanturn, togepi, togetic, natu, xatu, marill, azumarill, politoed, hoppip, skiploom, jumpluff, aipom, sunkern, sunflora, yanma, wooper, quagsire, espeon, umbreon, murkrow, slowking, misdreavus, unown, wobbuffet, girafarig, dunsparce, snubbull, granbull, qwilfish, shuckle, heracross, sneasel, teddiursa, ursaring, swinub, piloswine, corsola, delibird, skarmory, houndour, houndoom, kingdra, phanpy, donphan, porygon 2, stantler, smeargle, smoochum, miltank

2nd Generation Pokemon - 5km Per Candy Buddy Reward:
mareep, flaaffy, ampharos, sudowoodo, pineco, forretress, gligar, steelix, scizor, mantine, tyrogue, hitmontop, elekid, magby, blissey, larvitar, pupitar, tyranitar

2nd Generation Pokemon - 20km Per Candy Buddy Reward:
raikou, entei, suicune, lugia, ho-oh, celebi

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