1st Pokemon GO Fest Turns Out To Be A Disaster

23rd Jul 2017 | Warrior13

After so much hype and anticipation went into the first ever Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago, players left the event yesterday more upset and dissatisfied than not. From many personal experiences for those who attended, it appears that connectivity was the main issue. Not only did Niantic and other sponsors of the event failed to setup their own temporary Wi-Fi Network for players to access, almost all players couldn't connect to the game unless they were miles away from the park venue where the Festival was taking place - the sheer volume of those who attended alone was too much for the server to bare. It even came to the point of many fans chanting for the developers to quote unquote, "Fix the game."

Seeing how upset most fans were yesterday, niantic has since guaranteed the refund of Pokemon GO Fest tickets, in addition to giving all attendees $100 worth of PokeCoins within the game. Niantic even gave all attendees a free Lugia, the first Legendary Pokemon officially released, as well as since releasing Lugia and Articuno worldwide apart of the new Raid System. However, since many of those who attended paid more for their tickets from third=party sources, and since almost all of those who came out to the event had additional costs of travel, the majority of attendees are still very disgruntled from how the first Pokemon GO Fest turned out to be.

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